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What's Happening at HCPS?

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At The Honolulu Christian Preschool, we strive for excellence. One indispensable aspect of excellence is good communication. Please let us know if you don't see something that should be here. God Bless You!


Plants, Plants, Plants!

     The children took their classroom outdoors exploring the foliage in our neighborhood.  Mesmerized by the many different kinds of leaves they found in multiple shapes and sizes, they identified the fallen leaf's "home" (where it came from).  Along the way the children collected seeds, examined fruits and flowers of various plants.  The biggest hit on their exploration, was finding the fungi.  The largest mushroom was 8 inches in diameter!  


Garden Project

     As the keiki chart the growth of their plants, they are amazed by the Japanese cucumbers which are rapidly climbing the fence with lots of emerging flowers and fruits.  However, our Manoa lettuce and Bak Choy are being challenged by some predators...the children think that lizards, snails, and birds are eating our plants.  Meanwhile, our lettuce in our aquaponics continue to thrive!